Lindsay Hopkins is a performer, facilitator and healing practitioner. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on improvisational dance, physical theatre and curating events with opportunities for active participation in somatic practices and community building. She draws on her experiences and training with: improvisational dance and movement, nonviolent communication, social mapping, Theater of the Oppressed, and Playback Theatre to bring embodiment, creativity, intuition and sensory awareness into her workshops, events and performance works. She is trained in energy healing, breathwork, bodywork and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy approaches. She has a private healing practice working with individuals and groups in coming home to their body and activating creative capacity through healing.

Lindsay has worked as a Teaching Artist in Chicago with Silk Road Rising, Victory Gardens, Center for Community Arts Partnerships (Columbia College), the Howard Area Community Center, Youth Organizations Umbrella Inc. and the Shanti Foundation for Peace. She’s facilitated workshops with Smith College, North Park University, AADK (Spain),  Le Plongeoir (France),  Casa de Paz (Oakland, CA), and the Weave Artists Residency (Belgium). Most recently she attended the SASSO Artist Residency in Switzereland with performances in Lucerne, Zurich and Locarno. She’s also created works at Chicago Moving Company, Links Hall, Chicago Opera Vanguard, RhinoFest, About Face Theatre and Dream Theatre. As a developer of Interdisciplinary events she’s worked with At The Table Collective (founder), Dramatis Personae (Artistic Director), Chicago Home Theatre Festival and Chicago Dream House.

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Artist Statement 

Lindsay's art practice incorporates socially engaged art and movement-based performance practices as platforms for interdisciplinary research. Through her work she explores possibilities for alchemy, the process of shifting energy and changing states. She's interested in the exchange between the inner and the outer, in order to bring unconscious material, that may be imbedded and hidden, to the surface.

Her socially engaged practice invites participation through performance and installation as a means by which to interrogate the fluid relationships between the macro and the micro—on collective, cultural, personal, and embodied levels. By applying a background of healing and social justice and arts education, Hopkins creates a critical framework for new performance forms. Through techniques of play, ritual and skill sharing, Hopkins constructs social spaces through which investigations of the immaterial can occur and transmute into form, movement, and action.

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