Artist Statement 

Lindsay Hopkins is a performance artist, educator, and healer. Her practice incorporates socially engaged art and movement-based performance practices as platforms for interdisciplinary research. Through her work she explores possibilities for alchemy, the process of shifting energy and changing states. She's interested in the exchange between the inner and the outer, in order to bring unconscious material, that may be imbedded and hidden, to the surface.

She looks at the body, our social interactions and the places we live as energetic maps with cellular imprints and memories of: habitual behaviors, traumas, and political and ancestral codes. Decoding these codes leads us to a deeper understandings of our participation in collective social systems, of both historical and present energies, and explores the process through which one can reshape social masks and identity.

Her socially engaged practice uses participation through performance and installation as a means by which to interrogate the fluid relationships between the macro and the micro—on collective, cultural, personal, and embodied levels. By applying a background of healing and social justice and arts education, Hopkins creates a critical framework for new performance forms. Through techniques of play, ritual and skill sharing, Hopkins constructs social spaces through which investigations of the immaterial can occur and transmute into form, movement, and action.


Lindsay lives and works in Chicago in the US and performs and facilitates workshops internationally. Her work primarily participates in the realm of socially engaged art and performance and includes: improvisational dance, physical theatre, and somatic practice. She curates events with opportunities for active participation in community building.

Lindsay has facilitated workshops at North Park University (Chicago), Le Plongeoir (Lyon, France), Tools for Solidarity (Northern Ireland), Casa de Paz (Oakland, CA), Howard Area Community Center (Chicago), and Weave (Brussels, BE). As an arts educator working with Chicago youth she has worked with: Silk Road Rising Theatre, Victory Gardens, Center for Community Arts Partnerships (Columbia College), Howard Area Community Center, and Youth Organizations Umbrella Inc. 

As a developer of original work, director, and choreographer, Lindsay has worked with Dramatis Personae Arts Collective of which she was the Artistic Director, Chicago Home Theatre Festival, artist Karen Yates and Chicago Opera Vanguard, Dream Theatre and About Face Theatre. She is the founder of the Chicago based At The Table Collective. Lindsay has a BA in Theatre from Loyola University and an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago. Lindsay is also a certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner and a Reiki Master and Teacher.

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