A week long performance and research lab at Le Plongeoir using movement and improvisational activities as a platform for exploring oppression, gender, impulse and control. As an ensemble we experimented with choreographic systems that considered: action/reaction, conflict, responsibility, and space/place. This research provides a platform for making original scores for group composition and site-specific performance.

This lab was in collaboration with Open Lab to explore the effects of public space on the body and the body on public space as an added layer to our research. During our final lab day we performed on at Mermoz-Pinel in Lyon, France, a changing public space, in order to invite members of the community to reconsider public space with us. This improvisationally based performance was crafted to change based on the perceptions and impulses of the passers-by, the performers and the space itself.

Co-facilitated by Lindsay Hopkins and Camille Revol. With artists: Azahara Ubera, Sophia Simensky, Yolanda Gutiérrez, Shlomit Fundaminsky, and Adam Roigart

At Le Plongeoir in collaboration with Open Lab (Denmark based), Lyon, France

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