Radical Bodies // Sound, Scores and Somatics

This project intends to give artists access to open studio time to develop improvisational performance techniques and creates opportunities for artists to form relationships through practice. The studio practice, Score and Somatics, is hosted by a curated group of local facilitators and musicians. The focus on improvisation within the disciplines of dance, theater, social practice are looked at through the lens of improvisation and somatic practice. These are free to attend. The focus on research over rehearsal provides an endless process of discovery the results of which feedback into the ongoing process.

How and why do performers make compositional decisions and how do mindful patterns emerge and become momentary choreography/scenes. How do we establish longer moments and a web with which to create a cohesive performance within improvisation. How do we practice ideals of the “collective” body in the imaginative world of performance? The research and development focuses on: the energy body, persona development and archetypes in creating character, choreographic scores, transforming hierarchies and cultural habits through movement, body cycles and the natural environment. Critical response at the end of each session is an important part of the process.

Series Co-Created with Precious Jennings

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