THE TERRITORY OF LIVING investigates how we shape the spaces we live in, and how to reframe the relationship we have with our bodies, the natural environment, and our daily activities within those spaces. The project is developing during a month long residency in Blanca, Murcia, Spain at Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur (AADK).

Many of us would like to be more connected to nature and the places around us but we live busy lives facilitated by convenience and consumption. We were interested in creating a space to participate in that transforms both how we relate to our bodies and the surrounding physical world.

Daily energy work and somatic rituals, brought us into deeper states of presence and consciousness, reframing the way we participate in the building of the physical world we were creating. The material objects of the installation came from investigating our hidden inner emotional landscape and the landscape of the site. They became symbols activated by daily rituals that brought to the surface that which seems invisible into the material world. By activating the internal and seemingly invisible energy systems of the body, the body became a sculptural component of the whole. The final installation and performance sought to inspire the viewer to participate in their own transformation.

Territory of Living is a collaboration between the material world and the immaterial. The polarizing forces of the masculine and the feminine within. We experimented with attempting to integrate - the separation between body and mind, chaos and order, energy and material, local and global, physical and metaphysical; in order to find a new universe of interdependent relationships and balance.

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