Soul Storage :: Forgotten Body

When our access to health security is directly linked to our economic social structure it creates a co-dependency of our bodies on a system that is inherently flawed. We walk around feeling like our bodies, our emotions, even our pasts are a liability. We can subconsciously start to feel resentful of the vessels that hold our consciousness. Making us feel that our bodies are not really our own. Photography means “written in light” as the camera uses light to capture its subject. In the world of energy healing, the more light (energy/source) we bring into the body, the higher we raise the vibration of the cells. Our bodies contain an energetic 'map' with a key that is individual to each of us, helping us to find what wants more light in order to reclaim our body.

In this series of self-portraits, my body becomes an art object, a document of past, present and future. During this process of documenting myself, I breathe into areas that are speaking up and allow an exchange of energy to happen with the camera, connecting body parts with more light and allowing the vulnerability within my body to be seen through the lens. It becomes intimate as I hold space for myself to be seen, allowing for more than just an image to be captured in light. By reclaiming my body in this process, I found another doorway through which one can see the unseen and tap into the recorded energetic material living under the surface.

Oct-Dec 2018, Exhibition + Performance at Chicago Moving Company

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