Sacred Sites (performance video shown at the University of Hartford) was created to document the possibility of energetically cleansing an entire city. Considering Chicago's complex history, it recognizes the energetic imprints we leave upon a place and a place upon us. Through performing ritual with the railroad ties in and setting intention for working with the site, we linked in to this transit artery by sensing into the power and intensity of the movement in and around the site. Our actions taken sought to sense in to energetic pathways, deepening our connection through sacred interplay between energy, body, and the earth. The second site, Earnest Earth, is a friend's community garden (once abandoned lot) in Garfield Park. Here Karen Yates performed vibrational sound healing. Documenting these performative interventions was a reflection on tapping in to the histories and energies vibrating beneath the surface of a city.

June 2017 University of Hartford

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