Work-in-progress, created during STAIR Residency at Hamlin Park

How do we reclaim our connection to our bodies and to our ancestral past as a way to become more present with who we are and who we can become? How does working with the body support us in reclaiming our relationship to ourselves and the earth in a symbiotic relationship of giving and receiving?

This week long residency of research as practice / practice as research aimed to create a process for self-initiation to reclaim the body and move with its history. By exploring the terrain of the body through captured image and movement, there lies aesthetic possibilities that hold witness for its ancient wisdom. Weaving together somatic, energetic and improvisational practices and working with the elements of earth, air, water, fire and ether, we can awaken the body's intuitive abilities to connect back to self and the natural world.

The piece, Drop down like a stone through water, that emerged out of this container is about the initiation process of coming back to self. The choreographic material of the piece is made possible from the release of trapped trauma and stored memory in the tissue and bones of my body. The movements created through improvisational practices emerged after working with the element of water and swimming, connecting back to the natural world as a support system to healing. It's about the moment when you realize that if you tense up again you're going to sink and so there's no choice left but to swim. It's about changing history through perception.

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