THE TERRITORY OF LIVING investigates how we shape the spaces we live in, and how to reframe the relationship we have with our bodies, the natural environment, and our daily activities within those spacesThe project is developing during a month long residency in Blanca, Murcia, Spain at Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur (AADK).

Many of us would like to be more connected to nature and the places around us but we live busy lives facilitated by convenience and consumption. We’re interested in creating a space to participate in that transforms both how we relate to our bodies and the surrounding physical world.

The material objects of this interactive installation are meant to activate the internal and seemingly invisible systems of the body, making the body a sculptural component of the whole. Through energy healing and bodywork we're developing daily meditative rituals, bringing us into deeper states of presence and consciousness: the internal place from which the installations are born. Each piece of the whole seeks to inspire the viewer to participate in their own transformation. To make conscious that which is unconscious by uncovering that which seems invisible.

It is a collision between the material world and the immaterial. The masculine and feminine. And it is full of dualities and contradictions.

The project hopes to disrupt dichotomy. The separation between body and mind, chaos and order, energy and material, urban and rural, physical and metaphysical; to introduce us to a universe of interdependent relationships and balance.

In trying to deconstruct the black and white, this project recognizes the potential of impossibility. Maybe we are trying to save the world. But maybe the world is already over.

Each installation is a place of and for release that instigates a transforming of identity. Activated by a letting go. It seeks to inspire the viewer to participate in their own transformation. 

AADK hosts research projects exploring notions of body, spatiality, and territory and works with art, social sciences, and community development. Time spent at AADK will expose us to established systems for connecting the rural and urban, local and global, and facilitating encounters between artists, landscape, and local communities.

This project is in collaboration with Adam Roigart (Swedish landscape architect and installation artist, DK based). With additional collaboration (research and development) from Carrie Drapac (US Movement based performance artist, actress, and energy healer). 60% funding provided by AADK. Special thanks to: Elena and Abraham of AADK.