The intention of this workshop is to gather artists and activists to build ensemble and investigate group process. Entire communities are living in the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system. Seeking to balance destructive forces, reflect on and understand that which we are complicit in, the facilitated "play" during the workshop is a response to a goal artists share to shift culture on a larger scale. This workshop will use performative activities as a platform for social mapping and engagement through group composition. It provides the opportunity to explore cross cultural understanding of self and ensemble through body/mind centering and activities in group decision making. We will investigate universal themes of political, race and gender-based oppression through improvisational games and choreographic systems that consider: action/reaction, playfulness, responsibility and space/time. Collaborators will participate in a variety of improvisational exercises including Augusto Boal’s Columbian Hypnosis (Theatre of the Oppressed). Through clearly assigned tasks and constructed play, participants will investigate individual agency, presence, impulse, and yielding. We’ll create an ensemble and tap into interpersonal connections and the group’s consciousness. The workshop understands that there is choice around how to participate both in improvisation as well as society. This workshop is built to change based on the perceptions and participation of the people within it, as there is no single definitive solution for change and revolution.