Chicago Dream House is a unique blend of art and social engagement in Albany Park a diverse community scarred by house and apartment building foreclosure. Responding to the economic crisis, I worked with a team of artists (Karen Yates, Molly Mullen and Mike Mroch) to create an opportunity for the community to build a "dream house" together in a day-long project where community organizations, individual organizers, artists, and residents create a symbolic house as a true act of "community building."

Most of us think of single-family home foreclosure as the main story in the housing crisis, but multi-unit foreclosure and the effects on tenants is the other half of the issue. Fifity percent of the housing stock in Chicago is rental units. CDH interprets a community’s pain at the 2007-08 economic crisis and investigates the isolation imposed on a neighborhood’s residents as family upon family becomes displaced. Can we, as a community, place faith in one another rather than systems that no longer serve us?

Partnering with Albany Park Neighborhood Council, an organization committed to housing and youth issues, in a single day, members of the community will build a "dream house" while programming from diverse neighborhood-based initiatives takes place simultaneously. 

This project opened Saturday May 31, 2014

This project was partially supported by a grant from the Propeller Fund, the City of Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and a campaign with 3arts Projects. 

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