Body Interventions (working title)
a series of live art interactions
The project serves to "perform" short one-on-one bodywork sessions with spectators. I mediate between each participant’s mind and body, in order to explore with others sources of tension and pain and to cultivate micro cultures of consciousness in the body. The short sessions includes elements of Thai Bodywork and other invented rituals. Participants will mark their pain on my body as part of a collective intake process. My body suit is a traveling artifact and serves as a collection of people's experiences. Everyone who participates colors in their areas of pain on the intake suit I am wearing. Spectators and participants also fill out an intake quiz (telling them wether or not they need an intervention) that serves as a larger metaphor for how cultural habits, socially conditioned behaviors, privilege, and experiences with trauma, violence and injustice can create tension, disease and a disconnect between body and mind.

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