At The Table is a series of events curated in collaboration with artists, musicians, philosophers and activists. 

At The Table No. 1: a collaborative feast. The first in a series of curated community events. For one evening, anyone who walked in the door, became a member of a collective. Participants of the event explored what it means to foster a collective and construct a temporary community. As attendees walked in the door they were given one task on a sheet of paper to help with the meal, setting the table, refilling drinks, taking out the recycling etc. Their task was paired with another attendee and they were asked to fullfill the assignment together. They were also paired to creatively plate their partners meal from a list of menu items. Through these activities we examined themes of individual choice and agency and the dynamics of the hive mind. What discomfort comes up when we have to give over individual choice to the group? Participants were asked to reflect and respond on the dinner table new paradigms for shifting community culture and at what levels we can create those shifts. Participants were also asked bring something to give away. As a group we discussed ways to vote on how to circulate these items amongst the group. This was an immersive experience in group governance.

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